What else?

StreamBop is opensource, and is programmed upon modern frameworks... StreamBop is maintaned by the SnailDOS team, which means there is always going to be tons of updates ahead. SnailDOS takes customer feedback and ensures quality, so you can focuse on Streaming...

Still not convinced?

StreamBop is open source, that means anyone can contribute. StreamBop is security focused, with any security problems getting fixed as soon as possible.

  • Updates
  • Streaming
  • Confirugable
  • Fast
  • MultiUser base
  • Open Source

What does StreamBop look like?

The interface is simple and may vary towards customization and future updates....


Ready to download? Let's GO!!!


Downloading for windows is easy, head over to Download On GitHub and press the file ending with .exe


For linux users, you can use AppImage or Snap, to download a AppImage, go to and hit any filename ending with a .AppImage, ensure when downloaded it's a executable, and run it.


        snap install StreamBop

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