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A team that respects your privacy and creates free services for you...

We are different to other companies!

We play the game differently, and ensure putting our users privacy, customer service and user experience is put in the front...


We generate a random UUID instead of using your IP, Location or any other infomation that relates to you. All data you submit to SnailDOS is using state of the art encryption. Instead of hosting in the cloud, we run all our services at Australia.


We don't believe enforcing paid products, That's why, we have a free plan on ALL of our services.

Modern Frameworks

SnailDOS uses modern technologies, and create unique products available for our users. We take user feedback very seriously and ensure all requests are fulfilled.

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SnailDOS has branched off a TON of stuff. I don't know how the creator himself pulled through 70-80% of all of it, but kudos to him. The thing is, they also do it for free. Now that's pretty poggers.



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